A Contribution to the Struggle Against Prison and its World

An issue of maximum security

This project is on an irregular hiatus

The email is sparesly checked and the website is truly not being updated, nor has it been for several months.

This project is not over but will be slowly recuperating from all the down-time.
Many thanks to all who keep checking in.

As for new content

We decided to post a few interesting documents in our new thread “Maximum Security.”

Within it you will find the blueprints of several new prisons, the layout of their infrastructure, and other general specifications.

To be used as seen fit.

Against Prison

                  Banner drop in Kingston, Ontario. July 4th 2011.

3 Responses to “An issue of maximum security”

  1. I have a friend who is incarcerated and has no access to web mail. He would like to write to your blog – is there a mailing address he can write to, and can you then publish his comments?

    • Sadly this website has not been operational for a long time and nor has the email been filtered through. I’m also sorry to say that as of this year our mailbox is down.

      I apologize for the late response and will post any changes to this situation at a later date.

  2. Prisons are useless. Prison guards are not knowledgeable enough to work with inmates. Inmates are treated bad by guards. The prison system needs to be stoped

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