A Contribution to the Struggle Against Prison and its World

A Month Against Prison

2010: We originally intended to host a month of events about, and against, prisons and the prison society.  After requests, we’ve decided to extend the month throughout 2010. Some topics include the current restructuring of the penal system in Kanada, proposals for a strategy of attack, prison as an idea and its relation to immigrant detention centres, etc. All events are free or by donation.

Tour Dates:

July 11th – Kitchener
July 17th – Hamilton
July 24th – Kingston
July 30th – Guelph
August 7th – Montreal
November 13th – Vancouver
November 21st – Victoria

Get in touch if you want us to speak in your city.

A report back on summer 2010 will be released shortly. Check the resources section for updates of our irregular periodical.

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